Info for coaches

Info for Coaches

You signed up to start with your class? Good! We support innovators!

This page for coaches and teachers,  gives you that little push in the back so that you can get off to a flying start with your pupils. We will first outline the general principles and vision.


The 'CodesCool' project aims to fill a blind spot in the Code landscape.: a free, accessible range of code activities for use in schools.

This has several advantages:

  • pupils persuade each other to participate, thus reaching children who would otherwise never come into contact with computational skills.
  • teachers, directors, care counselors, ... can specifically encourage students to participate.
  • socio-economic or socio-cultural background has no influence.
  • gender equality is promoted.

Why coding?

Coding is not separated goal, but  a way of thinking, the elaboration of a language. It wants to expand the problem-solving skills of the children.

We use Scratch: it makes the principles of computer science accessible. It is an online environment that can be used even on the most outdated school computers.

The first steps in Scratch

As a coach you should not have any prior knowledge of programming. In this project we respond to the educational trend that asking the right questions is more important than giving the right answers as a teacher. You will gradually expand and build up your programming knowledge together with your pupils.

You are not supposed to teach as a teacher.  The children are encouraged to work together,  to help each other. At that point, the coach is a "facilitator" and a "mediator". We hope to have reassured you a little with these thoughts!

It is suggested, however, to do the assignments that the children in the Codeclass will do at home first. That gives you time to think about the content yourself.

Scratch is a graphical programming language. Most programming languages are based on text. Typing a mistake is then easy. With Scratch you are going to "glue" blocks together so that you can write complete programs that way.