3. Code a dance

3. Code a dance!

A dance often has repetitions, repetitive actions. And that's an interesting concept for coding! In this exercise we will learn to convert a series of actions into a “loop” or repetition

Your students will:

  • Perform repetitions as in the program
  • Perform a series of repetitions like a dance
  • Write your own program that fits a song




Prepare a nice song.

Print the practice sheet. Cut out the tiles from page 2 and page 3 in advance.


To work!

Let your students listen to a song and divide them into groups. Mixed groups have the best results! Let them place a set of dance movements on the first sheet  with the cut out dance tiles.

Now play the song again a few times and let them practice it. Is there something wrong? Should there be any improvement? That is of course still possible!

Is everyone satisfied with the created algorithms? Then it's time to challenge them to make everything shorter! Let them find 'repeats' and use the tiles from page 3 to replace them with these "loops."



  • Why should you use repetitions?
  • Where can you find repetitions in your environment?
  • Has a computer  many repetitions?


Let them make their own symbol cards for dance moves!

Let them choose a nice song for which they make an appropriate algorithm.