9. Sumo mBot

Sumo mBot

mBot 1, on your mark!

mBot 2, on your mark!

Get ready to fight.

3, 2, 1... FIGHT!!

You have 30 minutes to program your robot.

You'll be learning to:

  • Guide the mBot with the remote.
  • Program different escape opportunities.
  • Make extra protection for you mBot.

You'll be needing



Before you can start, you need to set the course. The mBots move best on a white surface. Make the playing field as clear as possible: draw a black circle.

To do:

  • Put your mBots back-to-back on the line.
  • Click on the built-in button and make the mBots “fight”.
  • Whoever gets pushed outside the circle, will lose.
  • You can’t use the remote.
  • You get 30 minutes to write the program and to optimise it.


Train your mBot

Before you can start, you have to train your mBot. It has to be submerged in the martial art of sumo.

First, you have to make sure to eat well.

Then you have to think about the movements you have to make.

  • If you have a white surface, you’ll move slowly (use the line-following sensor)
  • If you have a white surface and you see the opponent, you’ll move fast (use the line-following sensor and the ultrasonic sensor)

These are the blocks you can use for this.


Try to fit them together.

Your mBot now moves slowly along the white field. If it sees the other mBot, it moves faster and pushes it out of the ring.

You won’t lose if you choose to roll out of the field, but the mBot has to find its way back.

Use these blocks for this.


With these blocks, your mBot will drive backwards and then to the right. If you have a white surface, it will go back to the other part of your program. If you don’t have a white surface, it'll run through the blocks again.

The last thing we need to do is to make the program start after you’ve clicked the built-in button.



Your mBots are ready to fight.

But you can also pimp your mBot or add extra protection or challenges.

Make sure to send us your ideas.

Have fun!!!