2. News ticker

News ticker

We’re going to create a news ticker!

Shake the micro:bit to read the question. Next, use the buttons to reply to the questions (A = yes, B = no).
You’ll be learning:
News ticker
We’re going to create a news ticker!
• How to make a text run through your micro:bit’s screen.
• How to make your micro:bit do something after shaking it.

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Look at the example and consider the following questions:

What should I do?
What are the goals?
What are the expectations?
What can I already do?
What do I still have to discover?


View the steps at 'perform'. Then answer the following questions:

  • Which steps should I follow?
  • Which steps can I follow?
  • How much time do I need?
  • What tools do I need?


Do the steps one by one. Do you not remember how to do it? View the hints or download the solution.


Letters and signs “flow” over the screen when you make a news ticker. Let your micro:bit ask a question.
Will you make sure that the question appears when shakinbg the micro:bit?


Do you know which blocks you’re using?


Make sure that you can reply using A or B. After all, your micro:bit has two buttons: button A and button B.
The response will obviously be different, depending on whether the user presses the A or B button.
You can choose to make a figure or some text appear. You can make figures yourself using “show leds”, or you can make a pictogram appear using “show pictogram”.


Look back at the project you just made. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the program work as I expected? Why / why not?
  • What works well?
  • What works less well?
  • How can I approach it differently?


Click on the link below to download a sample solution.