4. Choreographer


A choreographer teaches people certain dances.

Today, you’re going to become a choreographer.

Teach your mBot to dance to the rhythm of your favourite music.

You get 50 minutes to programme your robot.

You'll learn how to:

  • Make the mBot move to the beat of the music.

You'll be needing



Before you can start teaching the mBot how to dance, you’ll need to look up your favourite dance track.

Choose something you absolutely love!

To do:

  • Listen well to the music and think of a few moves. Pay special attention to the rhythm of the music.
  • You can start the mBot using the remote, but it has to dance entirely on its own.
  • The dance lasts for approximately one minute.
  • You get 50 minutes to write and finalise your programme.


How to teach the mBot to dance?

We'll show you a few blocks you can use to teach your mBot how to dance. You’ll mostly be using movements, but think about the colour, too!


We’ll show you the code we wrote for our little dance. Write the programme for your favourite song and definitely try it out!!!



You can add as many assignments as you want. We’ll name a few, but please do use your own imagination.

  • Make a dance for the entire song.
  • Make a dance group. The mBots take each other’s place while dancing.
  • Make an mBot-Flash Mob
  • ...


Don’t hesitate to send us your dances.

Have fun !!!