1. Let's race

Let's race

You can see the course in front of you, you memorised the exercise, your robot is programmed.

3, ... 2, ... 1, ... GO!

Who’s the first to move the three cups?

You have thirty minutes to programme your robot.


  • Programme the buttons of the remote.

You will be needing



Before you can begin, you should plot the course. First, determine where you’re going to start and stop. Next, set out a couple of cups for your mBot to push away. Challenge a friend. Who will be the first to complete this task?

Do you not have a stopwatch? We made one in the first year with the Micro:Bit.

To do:

  • Start in front of the line and push the cups aside as quickly as possible.
  • Get back to the starting point as quickly as possible.
  • You have to programme the remote yourself. (that means you can't use the default programme)
  • You get 30 minutes to write and finalise your programme.


Assigning a task to the buttons

We’re going to show you some blocks you can use to make your mBot drive.


Add the other directions in the repeat function.
We won’t show you the complete code. Customise your programme and be sure to test it out!!!


  • If precision is more important to you than speed, you can lower the power to, for example, 75% or 50%.
  • Do you want to drive quicker, but turn a bit slower? Put forwards and backwards on 100 % and left/right on 50%.
  • Programme a button that causes your mBot to stop moving



You can add as many assignments as you want. We’ll name a few, but please do use your own imagination.

  • extra cups to push aside.
  • drive between things without touching them.
  • move the cup to a specific spot.
  • ...


Don’t hesitate to let us know some of your ideas.

Have fun!!!