Upload a project

Follow the steps below to upload a project in the Scratch environment.

Step 1: surf to the Scratch website


1. Open Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Usually these programs are on the desktop of your computer. Double-click on the logo to open the browser.

2. At the top of the search bar, type the URL of the scratch.mit.edu website and press ENTER.

3. Click on 'Create'.

1. Click on 'File' at the top of the link. An extra window will appear.

2. Then click on 'Upload from your computer'.


Step 2: Search for the file

Step 3: select the file


1. Click on the file you just downloaded. You will usually find this in the Downloads folder unless you placed it elsewhere.

2. Then click on 'open'.

1. An additional window will appear.

2. Click on 'OK' to open the file.


Step 4: confirm



You have now uploaded the project. Test the project!

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